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41st NWSA international annual conference Protest, Justice, and Transnational Organising

  • San Francisco, CA United States (map)

Panel Presentation: Affective Encounters, Future Imaginaries, Visions for Tomorrow in the Now

KJ Surkan, Panel Chair, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Reparative Painting-Affective Encounters with Hopeful Futurity-Shannon Forrester, (Presenter and Panel Convener), Royal College of Art (RCA) London

Activating Radical Empathy Through Fine Art Practices and Pedagogies-Mariana Aboim, Royal College of Art (RCA) London and Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Marginalizing Code: Changing Encoded Gender Bias in the Online Public Sphere-Cicilia Östholm, Royal College of Art (RCA) London

Ritual Art Practice and Collective Transformation-Col Self, Royal College of Art (RCA) London


2019 Conference Co-Chairs
Premilla Nadasen, Barnard College, NWSA President
Dána-Ain Davis, City University of New York
Robyn C. Spencer, Lehman College

2019 Review Chairs
SUBTHEME ONE: Politics of Labor and Class
Judy Wu, University of California, Irvine
Valerie Francisco-Menchavez, San Francisco State University

SUBTHEME TWO: Politics of the State
Karma Chávez, The University of Texas at Austin
Stephen Dillon, Hampshire College

SUBTHEME THREE: Humans + Nonhuman Worlds
Vanessa Agard-Jones, Columbia University

SUBTHEME FOUR: Transformative Justice
Keisha-Khan Perry, Brown University

SUBTHEME FIVE: Trans*/Trans- Feminist Futures
Maylei Blackwell, University of California, Los Angeles
Francisco Galarte, University of Arizona

SUBTHEME SIX: Spatial Politics / Transgressing Borders
Mia White, The New School

SUBTHEME SEVEN: Art, Performance, Literary and Visual Culture
Sonya Donaldson, New Jersey City University
Maytha Alhassen, University of Southern California

SUBTHEME EIGHT: Politics of Knowledge
Savannah Shange, University of California, Santa Cruz

SUBTHEME NINE: Body Politics
Laura Mauldin, University of Connecticut